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This newsletter brings us towards the end of the academic year. Most importantly, we'd like to share the news about the new Seed Money grants that have just been awarded. Looking back, we initiated a restart of in April, and in May we showed the impact of serious gaming to visiting EU ambassadors. Looking ahead, we have arranged for the GALA (Games and Learning Association) conference to take place in Utrecht this year in December.

You can read about those topics, and much more, in this newsletter. If you have any Game Research-related information or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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The Game Research team: Heleen Groenendijk, Joost Raessens, and Remco Veltkamp


Game Research Seed Money Grants awarded to six proposals

The Utrecht Center for Game Research has awarded seed money grants to six proposals with a total budget of 113,800 Euros.
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Games And Learning Alliance conference 2016

On 5, 6 and 7 December 2016, the focus area Game Research will host the annual Games and Learning Alliance conference (GALA 2016). GALA is an international conference dedicated to the science and application of serious games.
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‘Playful city’ Utrecht shows impact of serious gaming

On 20 May, EU ambassadors visited the ‘Digital Playground’ developed by UU, HKU and UMCU. EU ambassador Wepke Kingma: “It’s an eye-opener to see the creative and innovative applications that are being developed to make the lives of people in Europe healthier and more comfortable.”
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NWO Museum Grant for project on computer games as cultural heritage

Under the title 'GAME ON: research on the museum exhibition of computer games', the project aims to investigate how Dutch computer games can be a sustainable addition to the national audio-visual archive. Central to the project are both archiving and exhibition of historical Dutch games as cultural heritage.
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Marries van de Hoef wins Bright Minds Award at Dare to Cross Over
Van de Hoef received the award in honour of the Bachelor course on Game Design that he developed, which stems from his interdisciplinary research into the motivational aspects of games. In the course, Van de Hoef combines knowledge from the fields of Humanities, Social Sciences, and Computer Science.
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Utrecht Game Lab presents various prototypes of classic Asteroids game
The Utrecht Game Lab showcased the results of its Analytical Game Design methodology by making several alternative prototypes (remixes) of the classic game Asteroids (1981) playable to the public. Different takes on the classic game could be played to experience the modularity of the original arcade game, the fragility of gameplay systems in general and the activities of the game lab.
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Past events

Campus Party

As a partner of Campus Party­, Utrecht University had a fantastic program of speakers, workshops and challenges. Amongst it were some of our Game Researchers, Johan Jeuring and Roland Geraerts.
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A new beginning: DiGRA Pitching Event in Utrecht

On 28 April, the Dutch chapter of DiGRA ( organised a pitch event in Utrecht. Game researchers from across the country gave no less than 25 three-minute pitches for their projects. DiGRA encourages high-quality research on games, and encourages its members to collaborate and share their work.
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INTETAIN 2016 Utrecht University: focused and dynamic

On 28-30 June, Utrecht University organized the 8th International Conference on Intelligent Technologies for Interactive Entertainment. The conference addresses issues concerning relationships between human-computer interaction and entertainment. 
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Saving electricity and natural gas with a game: presentation Jan Dirk Fijnheer at CLICKNL
PhD candidate Jan Dirk Fijnheer (Computer Science) has developed a game that teaches players in a fun way to save electricity and gas at home. Fijnheer presented his Powersaver Game, which was developed in collaboration with students from the course Software and Game projects, at the CLICKNL meeting on June 9.
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Kick-off meetings application domains Game Research
Within the seed money call, the focus area identified six application domains: Education, Conflict and Security, Health, Inclusion, Smart Cities and Sustainability. During last month, the application domains held smaller and larger kick-off meetings in order to bring together the community, identify specific expertise, look at overlapping topics and possibilities for working together and create network opportunities. 
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In the media

Utrecht University investigates gaming behaviour of children
Nearly 1 in 10 male gamers between the ages of 12 and 15 is addicted to playing video games. This is the conclusion of Regina van den Eijnden, youth researcher at Utrecht University. “Girls of the same age are much less likely to be addicted to games. Less than 1 percent of game-playing girls shows signs of addiction.”
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René Glas comments on cheap virtual reality glasses in Volkskrant article
In a Volkskrant article about virtual reality glasses, René Glas (Media and Performance Studies) raises the question whether VR glasses will be able to transcend the ‘gimmick phase’. “The quality of the Google Cardboard and comparable products is so low that lots of people will say: is this it?”
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