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Dear All,

With the new academic year well on its way, we want to inform you about the latest news, events and developments. 
Apart from what you can find in this newsletter below we will be hosting separate events this year from our three designated application domains:
  • Games for learning
  • Games for health
  • Games for change
You will be notified with more information through email.

We will conclude the academic year with an omnibus congress along the same Research Agenda. We all hope to see you there and on the numerous occasions before, on which we will keep you posted. If you have any Game Research-related information or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Best regards,

The Game Research team: Heleen Groenendijk, Joost Raessens, and Remco Veltkamp


More information about the awarded Seed Money projects

More information on the six proposals that were awarded within our second round of seed money has been placed online.
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The Virtual Supermarket performs tests in NEMO

During this year’s autumn vacation, researchers tested the Virtual Supermarket, a virtual reality game in which participants must complete several shopping tasks to test their cognitive functions. The tests, performed during NEMO Science Live, drew approximately 300 participants.
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Abbey Games wins Best Core Entertainment Game at Dutch Game Awards
The Abbey Games production Renowned Explorers has been awarded the ‘Best Core Entertainment Game’ at the Dutch Game Awards. Abbey Games was founded by alumni of the Master’s Programme Game and Media Technology.
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“The Netherlands only has seven large amusement parks, so we’re looking elsewhere”
Four UU students have developed a game in which you can play on a large screen against other players, using your own smartphone as a game controller. The game would make standing in a queue less tedious, so it would be a perfect solution for amusement parks. The student creators have set up the company
CrowdConsole around the game.
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More accurate estimate of hips and belly size in virtual world

Patients with anorexia have a persistently distorted body image. Changing that body image is one of the challenges that experimental psychologist Anouk Keizer from Utrecht University has set herself. Using a virtual reality headset, she succeeded in enabling anorexia patients to make a more realistic estimate of their body size.
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Michiel Kamp publishes book ‘Ludomusicology: Approaches to Video Game Music’

‘Ludomusicology: Approaches to Video Game Music’ is a new volume that presents a musicological approach to video game music. Editors of the book are Michiel Kamp (Utrecht University), Tim Summers (Cambridge University), and Mark Sweeney (Oxford University). Previously, the editors organised a number of conferences on the same topic in Utrecht and the UK.
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DGA and the RAGE project join forces to strengthen the applied games industry

On August 9, the DGA and the RAGE Horizon 2020 project signed an agreement to boost collaboration between the games industry and research institutions, to accelerate innovation and improve the competitive advantage of applied games studios.
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In the media

A good conversation with your washing machine

Egon van den Broek was interviewed on BNR News radio about the current state of the art of speech recognition.

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Upcoming events

10-11 November: Why Theatre XL!
On 10 and 11 November, the renowned theatre collective Rimini Protokoll will visit Utrecht. The programme focuses on the relation between theatre and games, the way ludic elements and structures can be deployed in theatre to engage the audience and to address actual social issues (e.g. climate change, data surveillance, Europe).
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16 November: Festive transfer of serious game Virtual Patient
The Virtual Patient, a serious game in which healthcare professionals can practice complicated conversations with patients, is ready to stand on its own feet. Now that it has developed into a fully-fledged tool for communication training, we take the next step towards integration in the (inter)national healthcare and educational practice.
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18 November: Symposium “Let’s Play Dutch Game History”
Utrecht University and the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision (Beeld en Geluid) organise a symposium on the topic of the preservation of Dutch computer game history. We present you with a varied program and the opportunity to visit the game exhibition taking place at the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision.
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5-7 December: GALA conference
The Games and Learning Alliance conference is an international conference dedicated to the science and application of serious games. The conference aims at bringing together researchers, developers, practitioners and stakeholders. The goal is to share the state of the art of research and market, analysing the most significant trends and discussing visions on the future of serious games.
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Past events

Summer School Game Research: Pressure Cooker!

During the last week of the Utrecht Summer School, from 22 - 26 August 2016, 42 students from 20 different nationalities gathered in Utrecht for a jam packed week of Game Research lectures and workshops and a pressure cooker workshop in Game Programming.
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UU presentations at the 6th annual "Games for Health" conference
By bringing together more than 400 people with a wide variety of professions, such as game developers, policy makers, researchers, clinicians and doctors, the annual Games for Health Europe conference created a unique opportunity to share ideas and establish new collaborations to advance game technology and improve health care.
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Weekend of Science; Game Research Presents!
From 31 September to 2 October, the Weekend van de Wetenschap took place in Utrecht. Game Research was present with a mini lecture on Pokémon GO, a workshop on Communicate!, and a demo of  the interactive crowd simulation table.
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Heleen Groenendijk
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