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Dear reader,

With the new start of the academic year, we can look back on two successful Summer Schools and a very busy Weekend van de Wetenschap in October, featuring two Game Research projects.

In September 2018, Marianne van Leeuwen started as coordinator of the Utrecht Center for Game Research. She is also health and safety advisor at the Faculty of Science and has a broad experience of managing projects within the university.

We are also looking towards the future. As we announced in the previous newsletter, the Utrecht Center for Game Research has been granted another four years of financial support from the board of Utrecht University. We are currently mapping out a strategy for involving our community in making plans for the next four years. More information will follow in the next newsletter in January.

Best regards,
Joost Raessens and Remco Veltkamp, executive board Game Research

Summer Schools

Between Theory & Practice

The summer course Multidisciplinary Game Research, offered by Game Research in collaboration with the Utrecht School of the Arts (HKU), was held from 20-24 August 2018. The course schedule consisted of lectures, workshops and hands-on experience sessions demonstrating the thematic scope and methodological variety of game-related research conducted at Utrecht University across three different faculties (Humanities, Science, and Geosciences).
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Game Design & Development

Twenty-four participants from the United States of America, Russia, Poland, Italy, The Netherlands, China, and Iran bundled their strengths to generate new creative solutions for children to cope with chronic diseases while becoming more familiar with applied game design and development during the process. An intensive programme spanning one week embodied a set of best practices and knowledge in applied game design and introduced participants to introductions in game programming, art production and audio design.
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'Weekend van de Wetenschap'

Game Research at Weekend van de Wetenschap

Different researchers of Game Research were present at the national Weekend van de Wetenschap (‘weekend of science’), where everyone is welcome to experience science.

The interactive simulation Smart City showed visitors what happens to crowds in the city you built with LEGO. A workshop by Monique Simons triggered visitors to think about using gaming to go outside and move in the real world while gaming. Game Research also played a part in Apekool!, a parcours for (big) kids to learn about science questions.
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Game Research represented at MuseumJeugdUniversiteit and Ureka Mega Challenge

Remco Veltkamp introduced children aged 8-12 to the idea of serious games in his lecture for MuseumJeugdUniversiteit on 16 September. Furthermore, the project Holomoves by Joep Janssen and Karin Valkenet is a finalist for the Ureka Mega Challenge at UMC Utrecht, and will take part in the final on 30 November.
Interview Ingrid Hoofd and Joost Vervoort
Games and Scenario Planning: at a crossroads

Ingrid Hoofd (Institute for Cultural Inquiry) and Joost Vervoort (Copernicus Institute) are working on Games and Scenario Planning as part of the Imaginative Scenario Planning for Law Enforcement Organizations project. “The research into games is currently at a crossroads: we are turning analogue games into digital forms, but we still don’t know what potential such conversion has to offer.” says Hoofd.
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Utrecht-affiliated game ‘The Chantry’ released

On 17 September, the Playstation game ‘The Chantry’ was released. The game was the first case study in the Game Research project REVEAL, and its educational adaptations and an analytical tool were developed by a team at Utrecht University.
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New book series

Games and Play in Contemporary Culture and Society is a new international and interdisciplinary book series dedicated to game and play research. The initiative for the book series was taken by Joost Raessens. The first book in the series, The Playful Citizen, was edited by René Glas, Sybille Lammes, Michiel de Lange, Joost Raessens and Imar de Vries. Its primary focus is on the aesthetic, cultural and communicative aspects of games and play in our contemporary society.
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RAGE project goes to the European Parliament

The RAGE project was presented on 20 and 21 November at a meeting of the European Parliament in Brussels. The RAGE Research and Innovation team, led by the Open University of The Netherlands, combines the experience of 19 partners from 10 countries, among which Utrecht University.
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JMIR Mental Health

JMIR Mental Health (JMH) is inviting submissions for a special issue dedicated to the topic of Video Games for Mental Health. Authors are invited to submit a full-length manuscript by February 15, 2019.
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Call for newsletter input

Do you have news or other input for the next Game Research newsletter? Please send your suggestions to, deadline 15 January 2019.

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