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Dear all,

We are excited to inform you about the first Seed Money Grants we awarded, about upcoming events as well as past events that we have been present at, upcoming calls and other useful information. If you have Game Research-related news, information or questions, please do not hesitate to
contact us.  We hope to meet you at one of our activities!
The Game Research team: Remco Veltkamp, Joost Raessens, Heleen Groenendijk

Seed Money Grants awarded to ten teams
The focus area Game Research has awarded its first seed money grants to ten interdisciplinary teams with a total budget of 73,000 Euros. With the grant, researchers will explore directions for new interdisciplinary projects. Researchers were encouraged to apply for funding of initiatives that integrate and intensify activities of Game Research.

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A supermarket of treatments: how the collaboration between Clinical Psychology and Interaction Technology makes you smile
One of the Seed Money Grants was awarded to a multidisciplinary project on serious games for the detection of mental health problems. We talk to researchers Claudi Bockting, Ronald Poppe and Alishia Williams about their research question: how can we use technology to enhance our treatments and deliver therapy in a new way?

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Utrecht Center for Game Research explores collaboration with China

A group of Dutch researchers, among which Joost Raessens (coordinator Game Research), recently visited Beijing in order to establish connections among possible partners in the domain of creative industries, particularly in the field of serious gaming.

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Game Research in the Media

SleepCare, the virtual sleep coach developed by researchers from the Utrecht Center for Game Research in collaboration with the University of Amsterdam and TU Delft, received
a lot of media attention in September.
Visit the Game Research website for an overview of media attention of our researchers.

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Brokerage event on Horizon2020 Serious Gaming in Brussels

On 2 October, researchers and game developers from several European countries exchanged ideas on the future of serious gaming and discussed upcoming funding initiatives within the Horizon2020 program.

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Horizon2020 final drafts placed online

Horizon 2020 has placed the
final drafts online.
These are still drafts, but it is expected not much will change. The call for Gaming and gamification is now listed as ICT-24-2016.


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Utrecht Center for Game Research presents itself at Applied Games Summit
Teresa de la Hera, Postdoc at Utrecht University, was invited to talk at the Applied Games Summit at the Control Conference 2015 on 1 October 2015. Furthermore, the NWO-funded research project Persuasive Gaming in Context was one of the five projects selected to be pitched at the Research Showcase of the conference.

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First results of Games Monitor 2015
At the Applied Games Summit, Christel van Grinsven presented the first results of the Games Monitor 2015, based on the joint research effort of the Dutch Games Industry. In her presentation she answered questions like: How many companies in the Netherlands are active in the games industry? What kind of games do they produce? And how many people are employed by these companies?
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People Directory

We have recently asked you to send us your information so that we could add you to our people directory. Here we want to give an overview of who is participating in the focus area game research and in what field and department and subjects. If you want to be listed and you haven’t done so already, please
send us your Function and Keywords according to the examples.

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Did you know that the focus area Game Research has a dedicated Facebook group? We'd like you to be part of it! Here we can, informally, share our work, interesting news and links, information about conferences, calls for papers etc. Anything that you think is suited and might be interesting to the field. You can find the group (and become a member) at the Facebook Group Game Research.

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